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7:32 PM

I LOVE YOU...I don't mind you read my stuff.. i don't have shame to admit that you still have the body that i desire and the affections that i dream every night... I'm still completly in love with your eyes... with your way to talk and gestures... for the way you involve me and make me give up from all the things that i'm attracted for... don't try to understand what i write.. you'll never make it... I think you're afraid.. i don't. I Lost it.
I make mistakes, i made them before and i'll continue to make them.Thats my verb. That's me...and isn't what's left... is what's to come...
Don't have pity...i don't care.. not with your pity.
I'm in love for my insanity.. and it returns.
I'm a sad song you'll never forget... the lucky for your egocentrism and the vanity for your the end... you think in me as only a friend... i'm not here to try to convince anybody of the opposite. I'm going to be with you some day, some night... and i wish i could find you some morn' by my side...

Love is like walking up a flight of stairs in the dark.
With every step, you bring yourself closer to the top.
Yet with every step, you run the risk of falling.
Yet every time you fall, you will always find
The railing to hold on to, and pull yourself back up again.
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